Dressing Room Panty Tease

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American / Texas, US
342 5.0
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Darne57 - Top reviewer Feb 1
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She just breathes sexuality and will keep you wanting more everytime.

rm5042 Jan 25
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This one was my all time favorite!! She wears those panties like she's doing them a favor lol. They way they hug her hips and nice round booty. The though of it really gets me going. It actually convinced me to buy a pair of her dirty panties. Everyone should buy this and convince her to make more just like this!!!

I took my phone into the dressing room to try on some pairs of panties for YOU!! I pussy tested 4 or 5 pairs for your enjoyment! Add some booty shaking, some breast play, a little clit rubbing, and a dash of JOI.....and well, you'll have fun watching me get dirty in public!