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Tony Porno

Thai / Thailand
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It's getting really exciting around here. AUDITIONS GoGo Bar is stirring up some controversy with our casting couch concept. Men from all regions of the globe are pouring in to see their favorite applicants on stage and in the flesh. Today I'm happy to introduce to you our newest candidate named K******. She's 20 years old and just arrived in Pattaya this morning after a grueling 9 hour bus ride. She showed up to the club and is looking for employment. K****** has a giant smile that looks like it can fit two cocks in it at once. Her braces make her look teen-ish and her smile will make puppies jealous. I asked K****** to undress and asked if she could dance on the stage for me. I must admit, it wasn't the best performance I've ever seen, but that doesn't mean she can't be cocktail service...or better yet...service a cock! So after her dance debut, I explained to K****** that sex tourists are hungry for teen pussy and we need girls that look like her who can handle taking a load or two. Of course I said all that to myself because I don't speak Thai and she doesn't understand English. But she did understand my motion for her to come over and sample the boss's boner. She tossed her tongue around my rod and peered into my eyes. She wanted a job and was willing to do anything for one. I then slipped inside her shaved pussy completely bareback and blasted my managerial seed deep inside her cunt. I hired her right on the spot.