Skinny teen needs a job or a sandwich

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Tony Porno

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3,079 4.0
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victorthames deleted Oct 18 2017
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If you love skinny girls this is a good video. I just wish all the producers of these videos would stop cutting off actors heads lol I love to see the acctresses whole body or at least from other body parts up right. it is a good vid except for what I just mentioned and a few bad angles. otherwise a good scene.

Whoa today's casting is with a nineteen year old girl who only weighs 38 kilos. That's 84 lbs of Thai teen fuck toy! Her name is J****** and she's new to Pattaya. The minute she walked in the door I prayed she would be down for the program. I mean I know these girls are here to work, but there's always a chance that they will hear the details of the job and split. Not today though, because I was the bread-winner and this girl needs a sandwich. J****** took off her clothes and I couldn't believe my eyes. She was so skinny she had a six pack stomach, but amazingly she had this incredible bubble butt. Her body was angelic and I was dying to play with it. J****** agreed to show me her dance moves on the gogo pole which were sub par, but let's be real, it's never easy to find girls who really know how to dance. Besides, it's the horizontal "bed" dancing we care the most about. So after her tryout J****** wrapped her tiny mouth around my bulging cock. My dick looked massive inside her skinny skull. I then stood her up and had her ride me right there on my office chair. It was really like fucking a doll. I could pick her up and maneuver her in any position. But the best was doggie style. It was the hottest site my eyes had ever seen. My cock plowed inside her skinny body as I grabbed onto her tiny buns. And then I just unleashed a giant load of jizz deep inside her little pussy. J****** passed the test in flying colors. You can find her on the dance stage but remember that she's so skinny you'll need to look twice to see her once ;-)