Mommy will PROVE you don't need a Girlfr


Sweet Daisy Haze

American / Texas
16:25 min - Sep 4 2016 - .MP4 - 957.31 MB


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After all your mother has done for you now you have a girlfriend!? Why do you need a girlfriend when you have me! I'm hotter, better and dirtier than that little hussie! No one is going to take by baby boy away from her mother!So, I am making you this video to prove to you that you won't be able to find anyone as FILTHY as your MOTHER!Will she let you sodomize her? I will as you can see in this video. How about pissing for you. Will she do that?I'll show you how hard I'll ride my sweet son's rock hard cock. And I'll show how you will never find anyone that will get as FILTHY, HARDCORE, and WILD as ME!