Floggers, Canes And Flames Oh My

122 5.0

Jacquie Blu

American / Los Angeles
122 5.0
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jemald Aug 27 2016
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Mistress Cyan & Jacquie Blu take the sexual tension to the next level as Cyan works over the sexy sub Jacquie Blu. Jacquie is a perfect sub when she takes to the bench and submits to the hot and sweet sting of Cyan's hand, paddles and floggers. Jacquie's moans are a sound of sexual beauty. Jacquie then shows what a hot sub should be as she lets her beautiful and reddened ass be worked over by Cyan's cane. Jacquie nearly cums as she submits to some fire play and then some edge play with the cold steel of Cyan's blade. Jacquie nearly cums as Cyan tells Jacquie to remove her wet panties so she can finish her off in the next clip. The energy is beyond hot and will cause the viewer to have multiple orgasms. This ranks up there with the old Kym Wylde footage from back in the day.

Jacquie Blu is led to the bench and Mistress Cyan begins to have her way with her. First, She warms up Jacquie's buns with a vigorous hand spanking before She breaks out the floggers and paddles. Jacquie squirms and moans as her ass begins to glow a bright red from Mistress Cyan's special treatment. She then brings out her cane and begins to use it on Jacquie's already tenderized ass. Jacquie's hot ass is on fire and Mistress Cyan decides to make things even hotter with a bit of fire play. Jacquie almost cums as the flames dance across her naked skin. Suddenly the heat of the flames is quickly replaced by some sharp, cold steel. Jacquie is moaning like a bitch in heat and Mistress Cyan tells her to remove her panties. Starring Jacquie Blu and Mistress Cyan