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Sitara Says Hi! - Feb 2021 Update :D

4k Views · feb 9, 2021
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Hi, I'm Sitara. It's been a while since I made a free video, and I just wanted to say hi and ramble for a bit. Defrost for a bit with me! Like and leave a comment to let me know what got your cock throbbing the most! | Follow me on Reddit and Twitter: SultrySitara | Includes: sultry sitara , sitara , indian , asian , sweater , lip fetish , non nude , nonnude , nonsexual , vanilla , about me , vlog , updates , personal , unfiltered , natural | [1920x1080] Link to FREE about me video:

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creatus999 @creatus9992 years ago
many times i've wondered if the many women i see have hairy legs...i'm secretly teased because so many wear traditional long you can't see a thing...but i still wonder and fantasize that those hidden legs are extremely hirsute... yours are so hairy and natural...beautiful and sexy...