Hard Wood And Rubber

391 5.0

Jacquie Blu

American / Los Angeles
391 5.0
18:19 min - Jun 12 - .MP4 - 522.86 MB


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jemald Aug 27 2016
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Jacquie Blu is a star in this clip. Mistress Cyan gives the submissive Blu the penetrating fuck that we all want to give her. Jacquie lets her perfect and submissive ass get worked over by Cyan's nimble and penetrating fingers and then makes her submit to the hard wooden dildo meant for her perfect ass. Cyan finally finishes Jacquie's ass off with her thick strap-on and brings Jacquie to an intense exhausting and sweaty orgasm that leaves her completely limp. I hope that these two work together again because this is some incredible and intense work.

Mistress Cyan gives slave Jacquie a hand... one finger at a time. This was to help get her loosened up for some really hard wood, a large wooden dildo. Jacquie squirms and moans as the hard wood stretches out her ass. Mistress Cyan isn't done with Jacquie yet and introduces her big strap-on to Jacquie's well tenderized ass. Starring Mistress Cyan and Jacquie Blu