Stretch me open daddy

Stretch me open daddy

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Custom video request: Persephones not been doing her chores, shes been watching porn all day instead, so daddy is going to punish her by giving her what she clearly wants. This time daddys going to make her to use the wand while he fucks her himself. Throughout you'll be begging daddy to slow down, and that you can't take it, telling him he's too big and your too small to take etc. It feels too good, you can't stop cumming etc. On my knees fuck machine - Will be a close up angle of you taking the fuck machine at a slow setting from behind, focusing on you getting used to the penetration, and the view of the dildo going in and out of your pussy.

 Wand + missionary (face in shot) - This is where the wand will be introduced as further punishment, and the machine speed will increase slightly. Daddy fucks you on your back and makes you to hold the wand on your clit and doesn't allow you to remove it while he fucks you.

Doggy - Daddy will now fuck you as hard as you can take. Start by spreading your cheeks while daddy fills you up slowly. Then You'll increase the speed as much as you can take, and also use the wand on your clit throughout for the rest of the video, not allowing yourself to take it off.

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