Summoning Slutty Mary

577 5.0

Jacquie Blu

American / Los Angeles
577 5.0
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jemald Aug 27 2016

Jacquie Blu summons the Halloween fuck of her night in this sexual take on the "Candyman" film. Sadie Synn gives Jacquie Blu the strap-on fuck of her life after she says "Slutty Mary" three times in the mirror. The sexual heat between these two are nasty and incredible and Jacquie's moans are music to your ears. Hope that these two meet up again in a longer, kinkier and nastier clip next time!!!

Zeedee Feb 26
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This was beautiful. Amazing camera shots, brilliant video, loved both of the models involved in this. Awesome video.

It was on a fateful Halloween Eve night when Jacquie receives a text from her sex worker girlfriend. “Remember,” she joked, “don’t call for Slutty Mary in the mirror or you’ll get fucked 6 ways from Sunday!” Jacquie gets a good laugh but still can’t resist going to the mirror and attempting to summon her. Jacquie can't keep a straight face for long and bursts into laughter at her own silliness. Suddenly, she gets a cold chill and begins to sense a dark presence behind her. Starring Jacquie Blu and Sadie Synn