Lana Rain Legacy 2: Live Cosplay Edition

83,405 4.8

Lana Rain

American / NYC
83,405 4.8
02:29:37 hours - Aug 25 - .MP4 - 1.7 GB - 1280x720 HD


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EtherWei Mar 26 2017

OH Asuna plz punish me!

pikefunal deleted Dec 2 2016

That sweet pussy

Doguemastiff Aug 25 2016

I was a little late for this one. Damn it

maxisop Aug 25 2016

Any way to get all your videos with a nice price + your personal snapchat? You turn me on so bad...

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Aug 25 2016
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Not a review, because this is a 2 hour compilation, so I'm gonna share the though of Lanas cosplays and streaming.

This compilations really show how much effort Lana has put into her cosplays. If you look at her first legacy vids, you can see how much Lana has improved on the quality in her streams. No, I was pretty much there in the majority of her compilations, so me( as a viewer) can reflect on how much fun times we have in the chat room. In my mind, I think. "Yeah, that was happening." I'm glad there is a legacy video like this. Not only do I get to see all of Lanas cosplays once again, but reflect on how much she has improved on the quality of her streams. So take a step into the past, and give this compilation a try

Aric07 Jan 27
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A good collection of Lana's cosplay/webcam videos, well worth the price.

reaper casper Dec 2 2016
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great all round cosplay play cant wait to buy more

wjjmedic deleted Oct 15 2016
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Lana is an incredible actress who is both able to effectively portray a character, while also imbuing the character with her own veracious sexuality and sensuality. She is able to make the viewer feel as though they are watching a production and simultaneously make the viewer feel involved in her ecstasy. Lana is one of the most arousing women I have even seen and is by far one of my favorite vid girls. This video is not only a tribute to her evolution, but also a great value. It is not great quality, however, you will not care when you see Lana appear and begin touching herself. The moments where she talks dirty to the viewer is enhanced by her sultry voice. Overall, well worth the money and, more importantly, well worth your time.

Souleater20 Sep 8 2016
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So ive seen all these shows live but seeing them all in a compilation make them even better when lana cosplays she is the character and it makes the whole show even more sexy.

waynebruce15 deleted Aug 31 2016
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Lana shows why she is called the Living Hentai and I totally recommend it

jmillerworks Aug 30 2016
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An amazing compilation of Lana's streams, anyone that watches them knows she has the best cam quality on the web and one of the best streams!

KiraShinryu Aug 30 2016
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I always wanted to buy some of her cum shows from her stream. They are truly epic in nature and left me speechless. this video has gone back through time to show some of the amazing highlights that we have seen and experienced. A great video to own. Every part has left smile on my face and a mark on my soul. Great Job Lana

Infamous_czar - Top reviewer Aug 29 2016
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Let me start by saying Lana is absolutely amazing! Her cosplay is some of the best I've ever seen when she says she's the living Hentai it's completely true! The price for this video is amazing and it's 2 and a half hours! Show Lana some love and support by picking this up, trust me you'll be glad that you did!

I also have to say, this legacy collection is amazing and really a great concept. Getting to watch different kinds of content like this from you is the best Lana! Keep up all the amazing and inspiring things you do, you're the best!

ongkw1 Sep 29 2016
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Didn't like it that much because the quality of the video is not as clear as i though.

Lana Rain Oct 18 2016

i made it pretty clear that these are recordings of chaturbate streams.

[A-Tier][Compilation][No-Plot] Here is a compilation of 10 of my streams each with a different cosplay. Madoka, Asuna, Hinata, Nurse Akali, Tatsumaki, Misty, Lain, Stocking, Asuka, and Misa :). These are some of my most fun live streams and I chose them based on the different cosplays and activities involved as well as different camera angles. Some feature a PIP (picture in picture) window for multi-angle viewing ^_^. This took almost a week to be fully processed in upload because it was having issues uploading to ManyVids :(. Keep in mind that the first scene (the Madoka one) has an unavoidable slight dynamic audio desync (meaning it did not stick to a static desync gap and I spent an extra half day trying to find ways around it but could not).