Ghost fucked at Grandma's

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AJ Jupiter

American / California
1,884 5.0
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AJ was visiting her Grandma in Florida when she suddenly felt super tired and decided to take a nap in her guest bedroom. Her Grandma has always been super insistent that AJ wear full pajamas each time she stays over, providing her with a long sleeved button down top and thick cotton pants. But it's too hot for that! AJ lies down in nothing but a crop top to nap. She's not as alone as she thought. An invisible spirit slowly spreads her legs apart, looking at her sexy bare pussy. It's so inviting. He sticks his ghost cock into her pussy and begins to fuck AJ's limp body. She quickly wakes up, terrified and confused about what is happening! She begs it to stop, to leave, and she tries to scramble off the bed, but the ghost isn't having it, he grips her tightly and continues to fuck her. After 5 minutes or so she starts to realize that even though it's the strangest thing that's ever happened to her, it feels pretty good. She slowly starts moaning and stops fighting. Then she's changing up positions and begging for that ghost cock to fuck her even harder!