Frog Princess POV



American / Michigan
9:13 min - Dec 11 - .MP4


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A woman (in POV), struggling to find a good relationship, decides to kiss a toad to see what happens, if she can find her "Prince". Instead, a nude woman appears, and thanks her for the kiss to make her human again. However, unfortunately for the woman, the transformed lady can't let anybody know that she's been freed from her curse or she might be changed back, so she decides to make the toad kisser take her place permanently, so no kiss will change her back. The once toad woman casts a spell, changing the lonely girl into a disgusting toad as she teases her about how she is going to to kiss a lot more toads now. The toad croaks angrily and helplessly at the woman as she thanks it for freeing her. She then places the toad in the lonely girl's old pet toad's aquarium while she leaves to enjoy being human again.