Charlotte Moon Squeals Masturbation

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5,760 5.0
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Stressa Aug 25 2016
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Newbie Charlotte Moon is a cutie. She gets of really quick the first time with her unique green vibe but don't worry, there's more. What I like is you can see the pleasure in her face. Every expression is captured in beautiful HD quality. When she comes, she lets out little mouse-like squeals, It truly is a sight to behold. A must-buy for sure. My one complaint is that there is an edit towards the end. It makes me think they left something on the cutting room floor. It could have just been an interruption or blooper they cut out for all I know. Regardless, This was a great video worth seeing. I hope there are more Charolotte solos to come soon

Charlotte Moon is an adorable, petite blonde weighing only 90 pounds! Watch her rub a vibrator over her clit, and then glide a thick glass dildo into her tiny pussy, moaning and squirming with pleasure. When she can't take it anymore, she squeaks and squeals with pleasure, reaching an amazing climax with a big loud orgasm!
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