Held Tight Anabelle Pync

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Anabelle is in a bit of a bind as Jacquelyn pulls up her tank top and exposes her sexy belly. Scott holds Anabelle back by the upper arms and she cries out as Jacquelyn punches, tickles, and prods her abs. Anabelle moans with each impact and gasps for breath. Scott wants to play with this tanned stomach and throws harder punches while Jacquelyn holds the squirming girl. Her eyes glaze as she tries to catch her breath. His fingers dig into her belly button and she does not like that either so they go back to belly punching. After they have had their fun, they haul her away still holding her by her arms. This was a custom focusing on the arms being held back as well as belly play. The angles are shot to encompass both aspects. Other keywords- Belly punches, Arms fetish, biceps, forceps, upper arms, belly tickling, ticking, belly button fetish, mixed fighting, bare fisted punches, Anabelle Pync, Annabelle Pync, Jacquelyn Velvets, Scott Torvea, blonde, blondes, blonde, damsel in distress, DID,. daisy dukes, denim shorts