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689 5.0
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Heoss_ Aug 25 2016

Buy this video people, if you can buy only one video, it's this one you want. 
I've watched it so many times I lost count (and I rarely re-watch porn unless it's really appealing to me). 
It's both the hottest thing ever and the cutest because you get to see Belle hit her limit. She keeps going orgasm after orgasm and when she can't do it anymore she's all shine and smiles :)
Buy it, you won't regret it I promise, it's not a sales speech here it's a fellow-perv advice !
Best video ever, an amazing display of sensuality, sincerity, and lust. 
Belle is truly an angel and you want to see her like this :D

Shadow_ovo - Top reviewer Dec 27 2016
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multi-orgasmic and so creamy this plus her other one is hot they are all so good the issue you are going to have is which one to see and enjoy cause she very seductive :)

I bring myself to orgasm many times in this video. I push myself until I can't take it anymore. I cream and moan; I wiggle and slither. It's so hard for me to stay in place as the Njoy caresses my g-spot relentlessly.
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