Turning Quin into a Toad



American / Michigan
9:13 min - Sep 27 - .MP4


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Ruby invited Quin over under the pretense of filming a girl on girl video. They sit on the bed and start making the video. They kiss until all of the sudden, Quin doesn't feel so good. She tells Ruby that she's feeling a little strange and the redhead starts to laugh at her. Ruby tells her that she's decided to turn the pink haired girl into an ugly toad so she can steal all her fans. As Quin transforms into the amphibian, Ruby tells her that shes going to post video on the clip site so everyone can see what's become of her. All Quin can do is croak, losing her voice to the spell. The pink haired girl starts to hop around. The camera switches to POV and Ruby makes fun of the transforming girl until she's shes finally a big, fat ugly toad. Ruby laughs and tells Quin shes never changing her back and she will be this way forever. The evil redhead then picks up the toad and shows the camera. She then tells you that she'll transform you all into toads like Quin if you don't buy her clips! Featuring Ruby Rapture and Miss Quin