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Emmas Secret Life

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Unmasked - I call over the scientist that injected me with a growth serum. The serum isn't suppose to take effect for a week but I tell him when I was driving home I stopped to use a restroom and when I flushed the toilet, the handle broke off. I am not suppose to have that kind of strength yet. I ask him to stay with me just incase so he can inject the reversal serum if I start growing and he agrees. My feet are aching and I can hardly get my feet out of my slippers. "See, I told you. I am growing. No, I am not over reacting." I stand up and my jeans are so fucking tight that the hem has broke and my legs are throbbing. I tell him to inject me with the serum but he lied. He doesn't have it. My ass starts busting out of my jeans because it is so fucking huge. I turn around and my tits rip out of my shirt. I tell him I must have the serum but he just tells me to masturbate. "What,why, really. Is it going to help?" My pussy is so big and swollen. It feels so good. He tells me to cum and that well stop the growth. Omg, he is getting off on this. Fucking pervert! I orgasm and fall to the floor. I can't believe it worked.