Airbag Turns on Blonde She Masturbates

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A smoking hot blonde wearing nothing but lingerie gets into her car and buckles up the seat belt. She is angry that her boyfriend did not satisfy her sexual needs so she has decided to leave without even getting fully dressed. Suddenly, and without warning, her airbag deploys. Her face is pressed right up against it as she realizes she what has just happened, her airbag as accidentally gone off. She is pinned in as the airbag has inflated so much that it has her wedged in good. At first she tries to get away from it, but as the airbag rubs against her big tits and half-naked body, she starts to get turned on. Since she was slighted by her boyfriend, she deices what better way to make herself feel better than with some solo masturbation. Thanks to the airbag and seat belt that are now rubbing her in all the right ways, and places, she has just cause to get naughty right in his driveway. She talks all about the airbag as she masturbates and rubs her big tits and hot body wildly as she does. She is so lost in ecstasy that she is having a huge orgasm in no time at all. She revels in how good the orgasm felt and hopes to do more with her airbag sexually in the future. For now though, she needs to figure out how to deflate it so she can drive home. Included in this clip: Seat Belt Fetish, Airbag Fetish, Airbag, Lingerie, Public, Solo Masturbation, Masturbation in Car, Orgasm in Car, Big Tits, Blondes