Alex want to fuck me and i want to pee!

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chrisgladiator Sep 10 2017
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Really good video, great to watch the torment!

Just look at my huge belly! i want to pee so badly! But Alex want to fuck me and he dont let me go to the toilet! i am begging him to let me go just for few seconds but he not agree! he even like not hear me he continue to lick my pussy and tits! Omg when he licking my pussy i allmost cant hold all this piss! I am allmost crying! He take off my t-shirt and watch at my huge full of piss belly! he start to laugh and pushing hard on my belly! Omg he is crazy! I WANT TO PEE! when i allready cant - i scream that he give me a glass! he taking this big transparent glass and i am peeing in it! he touching my big belly and watching how much i can pee! WOW 700 ml !!!!! it is so a lot for me! i am really wanted very much to pe!!