5 little orgasms with orgasms stopping

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Customer wrote: Record from the side again without pillows. Start naked, legs straight, down and closed together. Hold the vibrator on your clit. Tell me what you're going to do. Hold back your orgasm for a long time without removing the vibrator. Show your pussy contractions (not the shaking) with your hand, I like this pulsating moves. Talk about first, second, third waves contraction and how destroying your orgasm will affect your desperately pulsing pussy.The mean trick is, to take the vibrator off, as soon as you feel you can't hold back your orgasm. Take it off as early as possible, before you actually coming, so you have only a small orgasm. Say "I'm coming" each time. Express how much frustrating this is. Keep your legs down and completely closed all time. This time wait until your little orgasm is really over, before repeating a second and third time. More if you like