Stuck For The Boss - Chanel Yeoung

9:15 min - Jun 22 - .WMV - 243.14 MB


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Chanel Yeoung has to clean her living room before an interview and she is not thinking clearly. As she bends over she accidentally trips and falls headfirst into a bucket. At first, she assumes that it would be easy to pull off, but it is harder than expected. Her legs flail and splay and her cute little patterned panties are on full display as she frantically tries to get it off. Even with her bare feet, she is unable to get traction and pull the menacing trap off. Thinking creatively, she tries to come up with ideas to get it off, but realizes that buttering her head would not do well right before the interview. A knock causes her to pause because if she answers, she will look like an idiot, but if she does not open, it will look like she does not want the job. Dejectedly she sits down and hopes that someone will come find her in this mortifying predicament! Other Keywords- legs, humor, DID, humour, Asian, upskirt, panty fetish, slapstick, barefeet, leg fetish