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CEI 01 Lick It All Up

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The other day on cam I had a customer who wanted a nice sexy sloppy blowjob. These are the best kind. I get down and dirty on your cock right a ways. I suck and gag on your cock until you have some pre-cum dripping off of your cock. Now I want you to take your finger and slide some of that delicious pre-cum off of your cock. Mmmm...put it on your tongue dirty boy! Good job. I keep you so hard and the pre-cum keeps dripping off your hard cock. I bet you taste so delicious. As I tease you with my mouth I keep telling you where I want that big juicy load of cum. Please cum all over my tits so that I can make you lick it all up! Remember to save me just a little bit though. Your dirty cum slut wants to share ;)

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