Charlee Massage Parlor Seth Cums Twice

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HIGH DEF - 1920 X 1080 HD WMV!!! Welcome to Charlee's Massage Parlor. Seth has heard good things about my massage parlor so he booked his first appointment. Seth is an attractive, fit, distinguished man who wants to relieve some tension and I'm more than happy to help him out. I begin by rubbing down his upper body with my relaxing scented oil. His body feels to nice to touch. I work my way down to his stomach and abs, caressing him all over. I make sure to massage his shoulders and neck as well. Next I work on his upper thighs, grazing across his balls with my hands as I massage him closer and closer toward his cock. I ask to remove the sheet over his privates and he's more than happy to see it go. I use a different oil to help relax this part of his body. Now it's time for the true stress relief! I pull my tits out of my dress and he reaches out to squeeze them. I rub and squeeze his penis and massage his nuts and let him know I'm going to work him until all the stress is gone. I also rub my tits all over his cock. As I gently press and massage his cock, the harder it grows until he's ready to shoot his load. He cums all over my hand and himself but tells me not to stop! I keep wanking him harder and faster, concentrating on tugging on his balls while I work the head of his meat stick. He cums a second time, squirting his load ALL OVER himself, giving me a fantastic tip while being relieved of all his stress!