Assfucked FREDDIE ELLE Swallows Cum


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
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Casting of FIRST TIMER FREDDIE ELLE, MISS TEEN HUNTINGTON BEACH IN 1998: Freddie was late for our appointment but made up for it in a bootyful way by offering her ass for this blowjob video. She models a tight skirt, pink top, cowboy hat, and white high heels. This is her first day in Los Angeles. She got a taste for selling her holes in Vegas. Her beauty pageant skill was dance: she's done ballet, tap, jazz, point and funk. Started fucking at 17. 34C boobs. Not wearing panties underneath skirt. Ass cheeks spread. Says she loves getting fucked in her ass. Guys compliment her on her head. Drops to her knees. Tongues my balls and shaft before sucking and looking up at me. Deep throat. She strips and invites me to fuck her pussy as she goes doggystyle on my office chair. We relocate to the floor so she can arch her ass better. It works! I stick my thumb up her butt and keep drilling her pussy. Quick off-camera negotiations allow her backdoor to open for business. I pull out of her pooper and pack her pussy before returning to her ass. I ask her what she wants me to do. Her reply is simple, "I want you to fuck me in my the ass and then I want you to stick it in my mouth so I can swallow." A nice gape is followed by a no-wipe ass-to-mouth. Wonderful! Her reward is deposited into her waiting mouth and she swallows. When asked if she had a good time, she replies, "Absolutely!" Shameless slut. Good on her!
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