Jason's gender transformation


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Jason Ninja comes home from work to find all his girlfriends stuff gone out of the house. He sits down and gets a text from his girlfriend breaking up with him. She is sick of him always complaining about how long it takes her to get ready but can't possibly know the pressure to stay looking pretty and thin. She ends the txt with "I hope we can be friends, I made you your favorite protein shake." Jason is pissed but decides to drinkk the shake. To his surprise he starts to feel weird, His chest hurts, his balls and dick start to shrink, and he can literally feel his hair growing. What he doesn't know is that his girlfriend tricked him into thinking he was drinkking a protein shake when really, it was a gender transformation potion. Within minutes Jason is completely turned into a GIRL. Jason now has a high voice, boobs, long hair, long painted nails, and a VAGINA! Soon Jason figured it out. Jason thinks this must be a sick joke and calls his girlfriend. His girlfriend tells him that she has transformed him into a girl to teach him a lesson about how hard it is to maintain her looks and body. Jason hangs up the phone abruptly and panics about this transformation. He storms off to take a shower thinking that maybe this is all a dream that he will wake up from. Little does he know, there is NO reversing the side effects.