Your Cruel Sister

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American / Fetish Land
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No farts in here kinda disappointed. Very good dialogue but its miss leading

I find that a lot of my smell fetish clients like to hear about the nasty smells, rather than hear the actual fart - but I do have plenty of clips where there are audible farts. Sorry this wasn't what you were looking for, and I will try to write my descriptions differently going forward! <3

Your sister comes in from an early morning workout and catches you going through her diary. You are frozen... This is BAD. She is the boss for the weekend while your parents are away, and the power is surely getting to her head. This is very, very bad. She locks the door, and your heart jumps... Getting really close, she gets onto you for this bad behavior... Oh, man... Her breath is RAUNCHY. She laughs once she realizes how bad it is, blowing it right in your face. She pushes you down and quickly takes control, planting her ass in your face so that you smell her sweaty workout ass. She makes comments about not whipping her ass well earlier, and that the protein shake she had is messing with her stomach... eggy farts slip out, and you struggle to get free. It isn't happening. Your weekend will be full of this, and there's nothing you can do about it.
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