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Freebie Tuesday

Sensual Strip Tease

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5,113 5.0
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SamLiveWire Sep 6 2017
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This is one of the most amazing and sexiest videos I have ever seen, let alone on MV. You ladies are absolutely perfect, and clearly in love and lust with one another. The eroticism and beauty contained within is beyond my capacity to describe.

TWAY2268 - Top reviewer Mar 5 2017
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You can feel the love between Amelia and Alex all throughout; in the kissing, the way they caress each other's bodies, the playfulness with which they dress and undress each other. When Alex lifts up Amelia, and Amelia wraps her legs around Alex, it's so sweet that your heart skips a beat. Even the spontaneous moments of spanking and fingering have a beautiful intimacy to them. A wonderfully erotic video, and one of the best I've ever seen.

sparkythegamer - Top reviewer Sep 7 2016
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thats i call teasing,amazing strip with hot bodyteasing.

A sort of sequel to Sweet Tease, watch as we dress and undress each other and indulge in each other's affection. Lots of deep kisses and teasing play. Disclaimer on the background music - it's coming from the gay bar nearby! Custom for CB's tetralunch