Orgasm denial

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RuinLover Feb 15 2017
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This is a fantastic video! After much edging she seems to cum by accident as a result of not pulling the toy away fast enough and has a ruined orgasm with lots of visible contractions, but not stimulation. Definitely a must for anyone into ruined female orgasms. Any more with ruined orgasms like this would be an instant purchase for me.

Jannlee3 Jan 14 2017
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THE BEST FEMALE denial video ever!

She's is really trying to edge and deny herself an orgasm during the whole video, and one points she indeed goes over the edge, and ruins her own orgasm... She has a beautifull handsfree orgasm in this video. The best in HD quality. perfect.
It's so genuine and cool to see her come. no fake orgasm. all so spontaneous.
I will buy more if she makes more of this kind of video's :)
Next time in doggystyle handsfree orgasm :)

I was so horny, I went online to try to do a cum show. I got nothing but denial and teased. I could hardly contain myself, plus had limited time, so after ten minutes of being restlessly horny I decide to get myself off. After being horny for so long, I didn't want to get off so fast. I fucked myself with my rabbit and brought myself to orgasm five times but denied it by pulling my dildo out at the last second. Finally, after the sixth time, my pussy couldn't take it and you can see it spasm and contract in a long, juicy orgasm. This is the first time I have every practiced with denial, it certainly wont be my last
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