Freebie Tuesday

Watching Mommy Get Ready HD


Bonni Rey

American / NYC
14:57 min - Aug 26 - .MP4 - 452.38 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Aww honey I know you don't want momma to go for the day but mommy's don't get summer vacation from work i'm afraid... What are you going to do all day when I'm gone? Wait for me to leave and then look through my laundry no doubt. I know you wanna play, I know you like to look at me! I know you're looking at me right now! What should I wear, momma's gonna be late! Oh you're looking at my shaved pussy aren't you? Well, it's hot in the summer, sometimes veering needs a haircut honey. Do you like it? Makes you wanna play with momma don't you? Make you wanna be such a good boy and do everything she says, right? That's right. You're a good boy and you're gonna do just like momma says, now give momma a kiss, that's right, good boy...