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M0m is leaving the bathroom with a towel around her hair and body, still wet from the shower. “Are you seriously holding me to this deal?” she says to s0n. Camera nods. “You’re sure you want this? Cause you could have anything else. You could have a new car for Christ’s sake. But you really want to hold me to that silly deal? Cause I thought you were kidding.” Camera nods again. “Okay. I’m a woman of my word and since you held up your end of the deal, I guess we’re really going to do this. But you can’t tell anybody! This tape is for your eyes only mister! And make sure you stay behind camera, because if anybody DID ever see this tape and see me having oral sex with my own s0n, I’d be ruined. Now let me get ready.” She flashes her bare ass “A little preview.” CUT TO: m0m made up, hair done in a robe. “How do you want to start? I’m nervous. Is that weird?” S0n pulls out erection. “OH! Okay well you’re not shy at all, that’s good.” She takes hold of it. “I hope you’re happy. You’ve turned your m0ther into your own personal pornstar. Guard this tape with your life!” etc After a little bit of sucking, "I can't believe I'm letting my s0n fuck my mouth.... can you imagine if the neighbor's knew I am sucking my s0ns cock" ? We'd be in so much trouble!" "God it feels good though! Do you like fucking your m0mmys mouth? Why did you stop? Are you going to cum? Ohh, that's it isn't it? I didn't realize I turned you on so much. Come on, cum on mommy's face." She talks to him with his cock inches from her face. (flirtatious/teasing) "What's the matter sweetheart? Are you afraid to make a mess on your m0ther's face? You're the one who wanted to make a porno. This is what they do in those movies right?" He starts to stroke it. "That's right honey, you know I want it... all over me...please? Cum for me baby. Cum for m0mmy." He cums. "You can't show this video to anyone. You understand me young man?"