You are my new furniture!



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Dr. Smiley's next patient's name is Brenden. Her ex-boyfriend's name was Brenden and she HATES that name. Smiley mistreats anyone that reminds her of her ex. So she slides her office table out of the way and replaces it with Brenden! He is now her new work table. She sends emails and talks on the phone all while Brenden is still on all fours holding up Smiley's laptop and documents. She unbuttons her shirt, and props her feet on her new table. When it's time for Smiley's lunch break, she drags him to the break room. Then she uses him as a chair while she eats her lunch and reads magazines. She taunts and teases him as she takes her sweet time. Smiley tries to make it as uncomfortable as possible by laying across his back like a bed and lifts up her legs so all of her weight is on him