8 Day Old Socks & Stinky Feet

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Well my filthy little foot boy have I got a lovely treat for you. Mistress has been wearing her favourite warm socks for the past 8 days!! I bet you can imagine what they’re like…..well imagine no more, because I’m going to show you. There filthy underneath and are wet with sweat so I push them up to the screen like I’m pushing them up to your excited face, I make you sniff them, lick them, suck them……..Mmmmm you love it don’t you?! Finally I pull them off to expose my dirty, smelly feet. Pushing them up to the screen too I wiggle my toes showing you the fluff in between them, wishing you’d lick it out, then I wrinkle my filthy soles and push them up to you for a final lick, sniff and worship. Enjoy! INCLUDES: MISTRESS, DIRTY SOCKS, DIRTY FEET, BAREFEET, FOOT FETISH, FOOT WORSHIP, FOOT DOMINATION, REDHEAD, FEMDOM & ROLEPLAY