Sunshine makes me wet

4,884 5.0

Jennica Lynn

Swedish / UK
4,884 5.0
8:37 min - Nov 22 - .MP4 - 253.06 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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hg_lover Sep 17

you are a sexual goddess with a body like that...

Califaper Oct 18 2015

goddamn jenn,u are such a wonder of the world! those huge udders!!

eltokhy Apr 11 2014

so crazy for you

eltokhy Apr 11 2014

i loved so much

gemini3232 Feb 9 2014


Adamasaurusrex Feb 8 2014


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swisha23 - Top reviewer Jan 7 2017
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Sunlight definitely plays a part in this wonderful video!! I must say from head to toe her body is so hot for you not too purchase this steaming hot video!!!

loverofpie Dec 8 2016
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Outdoor videos are hot when natural lighting is used. Jennica shows us that the sunshine does get her wet. :D

monkeytatz69 - Top reviewer Jul 9 2016
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Simply amazing! So much boobies action & an amazing orgasm. Can't wait to buy more baby girl! ^_^

Rattmann0605 Jan 10 2016
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Amazing video, I will be buying more from Jennica soon.

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