Loud Licks & Slurps



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Smiley unwraps, sucks, and eats a blue lollipop upclose. First she unwraps it slowly so you can hear the loud crinkle of the wrapper. The she slowly starts sucking on it. She talks about how good it tastes with it in her mouth so you can hear it clicking against her teeth. Her mouth gets full of saliva as she sucks and it turns into a sloppy mess. She pulls the lollipop though her lips you can hear her loud slurps and pops. She twirls the pop and plays with it against her tongue, lips, and teeth.She sucks on the pop until it\'s small enough to eat. Then, she crunches on the pop with her teeth and you hear the loud cracking as she bites off pieces. Then she chews it up close to your ear so you can her crunching on the shattered lollipop pieces
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