Miss Quinn: School Girl Virtual Sex

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As head Master of an all-girls boarding school, it's up to you to see that all girls under your watchful eye are well-mannered, dedicated to their studies, and most importantly, looking like a growing woman of dignity and strength. One of your rather troublesome girls Quinn, has once again tested the rules and expectations that are placed upon students; daringly dying her hair a bright pink color. Heading to her room in order to scold her and demand that she returned it to a natural slave, you soon come to find that hair coloring should be the least of your concerns for this girl’s rebellious nature. When being confronted on the matter and demanding her to change it, she does not see you as a threat or means of authority; but as an easy outlet to ab use those who believe they hold power. Quinn knows you’re weak, and knows that she can get what she wants; do what she desires… all she has to do is tempt you with her plump ass, perky tits, and tight pussy. Oh, but you’re a head master!? Weren’t you here to discipline her? Why then, does it seem to be that your cock is now plowing into the back of her throat, & up her skirt into her nether regions. What a slippery slope it is, when you’ve now got your student bent over on all fours; even on her back, taking the length of your hard cock deep inside of her. After you cum, will you even remember why you were there in the first place? We think not