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5,955 4.5
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Js3442 Dec 21 2016
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Nice little video even if it was planned last minute, ends with two good facials! worth a purchase :)

riceking Aug 29 2016
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Sophia is hot, the cumshots were big and both were facials. Normally, I would not be critical, but this vid is $34.99.It should be noted that, other that the facial ending, this is a condom Bj scene. The first facial is almost completely out of frame, even though there was another dude filming. This video could have been epic, with more attention from the dudes filming.

giving head is the best, so i've always fantasised about what it would be like to pleasure two guys at the same time but always been too scared to actually do it. one night after a few [***], i decided to bite the bullet and invited someone over to join my boyfriend and i. as we got started, i became more confident and decided i wanted to capture it on camera! it's a bit last minute so the setup isn't perfect but you can see me suck and gag on these two cocks until i rip off the condoms and take two huge hot loads on my face and as you will see when you watch this, i absolutely love it! best night ever! (video quality is much better than preview
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