Fetish Friday

Dominating The New Girl Part 2

16:36 min - Jun 25 - .WMV - 610.76 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Now that Domme Angel Lee has Anabelle Pync over her lap, she pulls down her panties and unhooks her garter. A light spanking causes this sweet sales girl to squirm and cry out in embarrassment. Angel has Anabelle stand up and puts her hands down her seamed stockings that are held on by only one garter. Despite being scared to say no to her new sales client, the caresses feel good with the vintage nylons against her legs. Anabelle calms down a bit and does not balk when Angel removes her glasses. Light kisses on her neck cause this innocent girl to breathe heavier and anticipate the next touch. Anabelle allows her tight shirt and bra to be removed and she almost seems surprised as Angel starts licking her large nipples. It has moved beyond wanting the sale to wanting to know what will happen next! In a brazen move, Anabelle removes Angel's blouse and watches in awe as Angel puts whipped cream on her tits. With glee she falls to her hands and knees and licks longingly at Angel's nipples. Anabelle is ordered to worship Angel's nylon clad legs and high heels with licks of her eager tongue.  Following directions, Anabelle unhooks Angel's stockings from the garter belt. Using the heel and then her teeth, she pulls it down her muscular legs so she can suck Angel's toes. As a gift, the stocking goes around Anabelle's neck. Angel orders her on the couch and the next part of her training will commence! OTHER KEYWORDS-, garters and stockings, pantyhose & stockings,femdom, tit worship, breast licking, nipple licking, one shoe, foot worship, vintage stockings,eyeglasses, Anabelle Pync, Annabelle Pync, Angel Lee, blond, blondes, blond, all natural, leg fetish, big tits