Sam's Sissy Bitch - HD

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You are going to be my new sissy now. You love being in situations like this, at my mercy, ready to be humiliated! You can't help yourself, the need, the desire, the want. It's never going to end. Lets start off with that dick, tuck it away for me bitch! Now put on those panties I sent you, we are going to make you nice and pretty!! Now fuck your ass for me throughout the rest of this clip bitch. Now put those hands on your hips and sway them back and forth. Thats it, now give me the faggot hand. There you go! Don't stop fucking that ass. Haha what a loser you are! Now in you girlest voice yell I'm a sissy cunt!! Ha you are such a reject! Oh and guess what this was just a warm up! - Sam