After Work Sock Job


Bratty Jamie

American / us
9:54 min - Aug 26 - .WMV - 202.91 MB


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Request:You come home from work you work at a bar your wearing a tight top Jean shorts boots and plain all white socks you complain your shift was no good cause you made no money you know I have a sock fetish so you sit beside me and say your feet are ki1ling and you take off your boots your socks are sweaty and really dirty you put them right in my face and ask me if they smell good you do this for about 4 min then you see I'm rock hard and say if I give you all the money in my wallet you will take care of my hardon and give me a sockjob so I give you all my money so you then use a dildo a squirting one if possible and give me sockjob until I explode all over the bottoms of your socks if you don't have a squirting dildo can you use lotion like it was cum thanks