Stuck With An Alien

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Anabelle Pync and Jacquelyn Velvets hear a strange noise and decide to investigate. They don't find anything and everything seems okay until Jacquelyn steps in something very sticky. She cannot get free even as Anabelle pulls on her arms. Suddenly an alien appears and the ladies are terrified, but they manage to get Jacquelyn free just as the alien grabs Anabelle. Fortunately she is able to escape after some struggling and they run away. Later on they wonder if someone was playing some jokes on them and examine the bizarre sticky substance on their shoes. Suddenly the alien appears again and they try to run but he has a secret trick. He grabs a ball of goo from his mouth and hurls it toward Anabelle. Her feet are stuck and she frantically tries to get free but they are sucked back into the ground. Jacquelyn tries to help, but the alien gives her the same treatment and she is bound to the ground with the sticky goo as well! Every time she lifts her feet, they are pulled back down. The alien approaches them and we hear their screams! OTHER KEYWORDS- wet and messy, escape fetish, escaping WAM, DID, Anabelle Pync, Jacquelyn Velvets, Annabelle Pync, blond, blondes, blond, shoe fetish, erotic horror, horror movie, legs, calf muscle fetish, calves, shoe destruction