Shoe Monster - Dakota Charms

8:24 min - Jun 21 - .WMV - 229.47 MB


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Dakota Charms returns after a long workout and her feet are so sore. She removes her Nikes and rubs her sock clad feet with joy. Without realizing it, her shoe mysteriously disappears under the bed by a creepy claw. As soon as she realizes it is gone, she looks under the bed but cannot find it and walks around in her one shoe. After looking around she gives up and takes off her other shoe. A pair of monster hands grab the remaining shoe and slides is slowly under the bed. When she looks down again, she is shocked and confused that the other shoe is gone! Now she has no shoes! OTHER KEYWORDS-foot rubbing, foot play, yoga pants, legs, monster fetish, shoe fetish Dakota Charms, brunette, dark hair, green nails, leggings, leg fetish, girl next door, GND