Flight Delay wCherry Morgan Hope Harper

3,995 5.0

Fuzzy Peach

American / Orlando, Florida
3,995 5.0
40:09 min - Aug 26 - .MP4 - 1.44 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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NiceOwl84 - Top reviewer Aug 26 2016
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To hot ass sexy blondes having a good time with each other. Awesome length 40 mins, Great quality also, loved the outfits.

kimawesome Sep 3 2016
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Oh my what an amazing video... Both girls are amazing. One tall one small both goreous a wonderful combination.
Begining by the wonderful outfits, the cross over striptease the teasing, the toys, hard orgasmes everything is just amazing.
the gorgeous lady in white also has the most perfect feet and toes... and a lovely polish.
Get it now you wont be dissapointed.
Cheers Kim

sirtrinium Oct 29 2016
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This video was amazing. It's really nice to see a video that's not the same generic shots that we see done over and over. There were times where you get to focus on their faces rather than how the other girl that was pleasuring her and appreciate their reactions. Throughout the video there was an emphasis on tender caressing instead of the largely aggressive sex that I found refreshing. The strap-on scene almost makes this video purchase into a two for one as they enjoy a large amount of foreplay and lead up to it. There is even a brief moment of foreshadowing at the start of the video that at some point someone is going to get fucked with the strap on. This video met and exceeded my expectations and I look forward to seeing what else this studio produces in the coming months.

cacker78 Oct 18 2016
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nothing wrong with two hot blondes getting it on. it doesn't hurt that one of them is cherry morgan, one of my all time favorites!

jtpetersonco - Top reviewer Oct 12 2016
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The CHEMISTRY between these two STUNNING blondes COMBUSTS right off the screen! Superbly shot in HD, this extended 40+ minute scene EXPLODES in the first few minutes as these two Nordic nymphs do their best Energizer Bunny impersonations and keep GOING and GOING and GOING! This IS G/G Organic Gonzo at it s VERY BEST! FIVE SUPERNOVAS in the Sky Lounge!!! ENCORE! ENCORE!

For the 1st and only time see these two blonde bombshells in one video together! Both Hope Harper & Cherry Morgan's first girl girl scene and Cherry Morgan's last scene! Right at 40 minutes of hot girl on girl action! The story begins with Hope in her hotel room longing for Cherry. She pulls out a picture to remind her of the love and lust the two share! After leaving their boyfriends these two just cant get enough of each other! Cherry surprises Hope at the hotel when she finds her flight has been delayed. Kissing, licking and a lot of toy play with a hot pink double ended vibrator and a strap-on Hope and Cherry call "Hank". This is a one of a kind video you won't find anywhere else! Stills from this vid also available from Sean Little Photography : littlesean7@gmail.com
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