Present Me with Your Ass

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Tammie Madison

American / UK
453 5.0
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maliciousjester - Top reviewer Feb 16 2017
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I love self anal play, and nothing helps the arousal more than seeing a pov style video for it.

I like having you before me on your knees. Your ass looks nice and juicy, just right for me to take it. I'm going to toy your tight asshole and squeeze your round butt before I give you what you really want. You're craving my dick; desiring a good, deep ass-fucking. You can't wait for me to just slide inside of you. There's no need to deny your longing for dick any more. I'm here to give it you. I want to keep you on your knees, face down ass up. You can look over your shoulder to see the pleasure I gain from owning your ass with my fat cock, but I want to have these peachy cheeks accessible to grab and squeeze while I fuck you.