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Adena Paige- No I don't Take Food Stamps



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Mr. Nuttz, Don Prince and I are in Florida for a little filming. We get done with the day so we order some pizza while we test out a new camera we have brought earlier that day. After 30min there is a knock on the door which I assume is the pizza. I look thru the peep hole and it's fuckin Adena Paige. I knew hen and there Mr. Nuttz had arranged it. He and I both know how Adena LOVES to role play. She says it makes her pussy that much more wetter. The second I seen her thu that peep hole I knew what was going on and knowing how much she loves role playing I decide to play it out. I open the door and the second I invite her in the rushes thru. She tells us how much the pizza is, and Mr. Nuttz must have known I did not have any money on me, I deal with plastic mostly. I ask him do he have any and he does not. Then "You can pay in food stamps" comes rolling off her lips. Bitch Please. So Mr. Nuttz asks if we can pay her with dick. She tells how cute we are and then comments that cute men usually have small dicks. not these cut guys. We have Monster Cocks and we know how to use them. So I whip mine out to show her just how small it was. She damn near jumped out of her skin and drops right to her knees. Now from past experience I know Adena is a greedy bitch and will attack a dick on sight which is exactly what she did. Now Adena is one of them chicks that pussy snaps right back tight if you dont fuck her on the regular. I could tell that she had not been cause she was tighter than I ever felt. I love it when she tight cause I get to break her back in and stretch out some. I love hearing Adena squeal and squirm and scream out. I dicked her throat, or should I say she 'dicked her throat. LOL. She was gagging a lot cause she was trying to fit the whole dick down her throat. I love it when these sluts gag and Adena is one to keep on till she gets to the point where she just physically cant go down any deeper. What a trooper. Adena has a nice phat ass like I love and I get her doggie style and go in deep. tight tight tigh was her pussy. I started slow and pick it up to pound real quick. After she starts up good she will ride you till your dick pops. I flip her on her back, pin her legs way back and start pounding again. She tried to hold me back but fuck that I'm here to pound and dig her out froggie style. I keep her on her back still and then switch to side fucking, a kinda spoon position. I had to dig her out. She loves riding dick and I sit her right on top of mine. When a woman is sitting on top of my dick she gonna work. Adena got me in deep too. I pounded her for a lil while longer and then made her mik up a nice creamy load which she spit back on my dick and jacked me off in it. I LOVE this slut