Fleet Enema Diaper Destruction!



American / PNW
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It's time to experience a fleet enema! I know a lot of nasty, messy is going to come exploding out of my ass so as soon as I squeeze all the laxative water into my ass, so I quickly diaper myself! My ass starts leaking even before I get the diaper fastened! These fleet enemas work fast! The enema water and my wet, stinky sloppy mess explode out of my asshole! I can feel it burning my poor little butthole! Oh it hurts! My belly is cramping! Wow! These work so fast! I just keep pushing and pushing and filling my diaper! I can smell my stinky ass and the mess in my diaper! Finally I think that I've emptied my bowels. My diaper is all squishy and stinky! It feels so good to be sitting in my filth! I roll around and rub my diaper into my asscrack! I can feel the mess squishing everywhere! I sit down in my mess and I can feel it squishing up towards my cunt! It feels so amazing! Enjoy!
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