Becoming the Strongest in the Gym



American / Seattle
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You take me to the gym to lift weights for the first time. Usually I just hit up the cardio machines, but I agree to go lift some dumbbells. I try out the smallest 5 lb dumbbells and do some incline press with them, and struggle quite a bit, so I go over and ask the trainer to give me a diff exercise to get better at them.. after talking to him and rubbing up against him for a second, I come back and pick the same set of dumbbells up, finding out I am all of a sudden stronger, and the weights are super easy to lift now. I then go up and weight a little and then decide to go over and see one of the big buff dudes in the gym.. sure enough I have gotten stronger after my little visit to him.. and notice he just got weaker. It's like I'm stealing their strength, Now I'm lifting the big dumbbells and can see muscles pop on my body that were never even there before. My arms used to be scrawny little things, now they're buff! I'll flex for you and laugh since you've been working out way longer than me and never really see any gains. Just watch as I become the strongest person in the gym!