Taboo Game Lead to Surprise Cum in Mouth

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Is there more talking in the full vid?

A sexy MILF is sitting on her couch and her son comes in and sits next to her. He asks his mom what she is watching and she tells him she is getting ready to watch some sports. He joins her then asks if she wants to have some fun. He tells her about a game he plays at college with chicks that sees each person take a team. When one team scores, the other person has to take off an article of clothing. She says they can't play as she is his mother, but he teases her and she agrees. As the game goes on she tells him he can't tell his friends she played this game with him. After a bit of time he is naked and she is all but naked. After declaring herself the winner she tells him she is going to go into the kitchen to make dinner. He tells her okay and she is off. Later, in the kitchen, he goes in and sees that she is prepping some food as she reaches and bends over for things. He starts to talk to her and she asks if he needs help. He tells her his hands still hurt and, since she can see he is turned on from the taboo stripping game they played, she then offers her help with her mouth. She tells him to get naked and as he walks over to her she gets on her knees. Once he is to her she starts to give him a handjob and blow job, talking about how she will do anything for her son. She is very matter of fact about the taboo action and though he is getting pleasure from it all, she is really only trying to help her son out. He tells her he is close to cumming and then grabs a paper towel to cum into. She tells him great idea and to let her know when he is ready to blow. However, the ecstasy gets the better of him and as he starts to cum he grabs him mom by the back of the head as he cums in her mouth. She coughs and spits and has a little bit of the cumshot fall out of her mouth. She is stunned at the surprise cumshot, but not mad at him. She grabs the paper towels from him that he was supposed to cum into and tells him that next time a little warning would be appreciated. He apologizes and she gives a look of mom concern. He then leaves and she starts to clean up so she can finish dinner for him. Included in this clip: Taboo, MILF, Strip Games, Blow Job, Handjob, Cumshot, Cum in Mouth, Surprise Cumshot, Hot MILF, Coughing, Gagging on Cock, mom and Son Role Play, Cum in Mom Mouth, Blonde MILF, Blondes