MY authority blacmailing me film 2

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66 4.0
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NigorusFegitsRet - Top reviewer Oct 27 2017
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Great part 2, which goes along with part 1 perfectly. The accent made it even better, if you like blackmail then I recommend this one.

After my so-wockers blackmailed me my authority ask me what was that!? i told that they jast did a fake my naked pictures and blackmailed me(( but my authority want to check if those pictures was fake or real! so they maked me get naked in front of them and adopt postures wich was at photos! after i did them! them told that my pictures is real! so its very bad lie to them! but i will continue to work here if i will do all what they tell to me!! awww again blackmailing((( i masturbated in the floor in front of them! gived a answers to their orivate sexul questions! and they give me new uniform(((