Beg to be RUINED

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Beg for it, I know you ache for it so bad. To be totally and utterly ruined by me in every single way possible. Breaking your life into pieces bit by bit. Demolishing you both mentally and physically makes your dick hard over and over again. I want you to crumble, I want crash and breakdown. I will break your family unit apart until it is totally non-existent. I will financially destroy you until you are nothing more than another gutter rat added to the dirty street gutters. I want you to get on your knees and I want you to plead for this as the more I tease you with your immediate future and tormenting you with my curves you become increasingly more desperate for this. As family life means nothing and the constant misery and lifelong deterioration is worth every single stroke to my hot body. Submit, beg and lose everything to me.