Harley Quinn ON TOP FUCK StripDance Sing

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Fapper323 Dec 21 2017
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Great vid, very sexy I love this girl she's gorgeous. Will buy from her again!

tournik deleted Nov 27 2017
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AndrewCW - Top reviewer Sep 5 2016
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This is pretty hot. If you love Harley Quinn then definitely watch this XD

CrowKrueger Aug 31 2016
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In this video, BabyZelda brings back her character, Hailey Quinn, but this time in a naughty setting! If you want to see the first video of this character, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQkRpnj48fk

It's been three months since Hailey Quinn's debut, and her personality has undergone drastic changes. Once a shy, submissive barber shop assistant, she's now a crazed, dominant sex fiend! Despite this, she's still not as famous as her big sister, and so when you admit that you've never heard of her, Hailey Quinn graciously takes it in stride, and informs you that she's going to sing you a song about being crazy (her favorite kind of songs - boy, do I have a list of recommendations ready for her...), and then she's going to... "have some fun with you". *Insert evil laughter here

And by that, she means rape.

The cutest, sweetest, most non-violent and most non-threatening rape you can imagine. She didn't stuff the beard items back inside you, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hailey Quinn is clearly insane, but at least she's a woman of her word. She does put up a musical show just for you, soothing you with her singing (you'll need it for later), and even dances and strips to get you ready for what's to come. The soundtrack, once again, is really good. BabyZelda sure has a way of taking you on a trip down memory lane with her song selections.

Then, it happens. Hailey Quinn has her way with you, promising she'll show you something very special if you're a very good boy, or else...

But, like I said before, it's the least fucked up rape you can imagine. In fact, the closest thing to a threat (besides the implied one above) is "I'm going to slow fuck you, and you're going to like it. No bitching." In the end, she does the special thing she told you about before, and rides you until she cums. As a reward for being so good, she decides to dance fully naked for you, while still singing her song (or attempting to, at the very least)!

Definitely a stark deviation from the origins of this character, but I'm excited to see where will BabyZelda take it next, be it in a SFW or NSFW environment!

(20 MiNUTES~ SO LONG, 1080p [Lifelike HD Quality]) ♡ I'm Harley Quinn's little sister & I'm here to seduce you!! :p I dance and sing to my favorite songs about being crazy lol ^__^ I strip and dance sexily to tantalize your cock!! I then suck on your cock and have you fuck meee~ but.. it's not enough!!! I. must. ride. ON TOP!! (for the first time ever ^-^) All the way naked ending :3